Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be Thin Again

Let me tell you what my goal is, to be thin again. Its funny, and by funny I mean not funny at all, how you can get used to the size that you are. It happens gradually and you just sort of get used to it. But hear is how you give yourself a wake up call. Have your husband take a picture of you playing with your kids at the beach. That happened to me last summer and it was disgusting. I thought who was that fat person. I don't really have alot of money or time to go to a gym, so I bought some workout videos. I started using them and I could feel and start to see a difference. The energy level alone was worth it, my husband could tell the days that I worked out. But then we sold our house and moved. Two kids and packing and unpacking your whole life sort of takes up all your time. Then about three weeks after moving into the new house I found out I was pregnant with our third. That put a halt to my plans of working out.

But I have decided that no one is going to do it for me. I will never be truly happy if I'm over weight. I have never really been an over weight person. I was always thin and athletic. It is weird to me that there are some people that have only known me like this and they think of me as a overweight person. In my mind I'm not.

I love food so I know taking away the foods I love will not work. I would probably gain more. So the key for me is to exercise, have smaller portions and drink more water and less pop. As soon as I'm healed enough I'm going to start exercising. We will see how it goes.

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