Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

I wanted to do more for Halloween this year without spending to much. So here are a few ideas I came up with. I searched the internet for some spooky bottle labels and other images that I could print off for free. Then I searched my house and started looking at things in a different way. I found some old books, a tarnished silver sugar cup, a box of emergency candles and some old bottles. I did buy a few things to pull the look together spider webs and spiders, a bag of bones, a rubber snake, a skull, and some of that aged cheese cloth stuff. It seems like alot but these items are very inexpensive. I found all of these items in the Halloween section.

This frame usually sits on my mantel with a family photo in it. I just simply removed the photo and printed these items from the net and combined them with some patterned paper I already had.

My husband had these old books lying around so I didn't dust them off and added some webs to them. The candles are emergency candles they come in a box of ten for a couple dollars. I just wrapped some twine around them.

This is another label from the net that I aged with old paper and vintage photo distress ink.
The lid is a used coffee filter that I hot glued on the top and added a little distress ink. I saw this idea from a site called a fancyful twist.

My husband was in the woods the other day and found this tall brown bottle and brought it home for me. It had some old leaves in it that I couldn't get out so I just went with it. I used one the my inventory tags that I sell here on my blog. I decided that the leaves were dried troll skin and aged the tag with distress ink.

This is a shadow box that I've had lying around for ever and thought it would be perfect for this. I used pattern paper, images from the net, some of the bones I bought and few other things I gathered from my scraproom.

Used a printed label distressed it and used color wash ink to make the blood spots and drips.

This Boo banner is the one I made last year. I'm not sure it really fits well with the mantel but I up for now.

I found this label and thought the green rubber snake would work perfectly. I just added water and a few drops of alcohol ink to make it look green and murky.

I found these sticky eyeballs in the Halloween section and added this label, water and red ink.

Here are some of the places I found the images and labels. I hope you picked up some ideas for your Halloween season.

Thanks for stoppin' by!!


  1. Your decoration crafts are so wonderful, how you made the spider web? are they nylon yarns something?!!

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  2. I love the idea with shadow box :) My mom is teacher in biology and when I was little sometimes I spend with her days at school.And there was small storage room on the back of black board.And there was some jars and shadow boxes ... and your shadow box remind me so much of that time :) Thanks for sharing this idea


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