Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puke Puke Puke!

Today was one of the those days that tests you and I'm not sure I passed. Our daughter Claire is having some issues with food textures and a very quick gag reflex. She has been throwing up alot lately. Today was no exception. I had to go grocery shopping today. By the time we got out of the house it was already lunch time. I decided to go to McDonald's on the way out of town. There was a sign that said we're currently not accepting debit and credit cards. I had one dollar on me, I never have any cash. So we left and headed towards another McDonald's closer to the store. The kids were not happy. Claire didn't understand why, she just wanted her nuggets. We arrived at the other McDonald's 25 minutes later. We waited in the drive thru line and finally got up there. What did the voice from the box say "sorry we're not able to accept debit or credit cards right now". Now I had to leave again without getting any food for the kids. Claire was screaming and hungry and Loch was concerned about what we're going to do. So I went to our bank to get some cash from the atm and wouldn't you know it temporarily out of order. So I pull around to go inside. Sign on the door says lobby closed temporarily. At this point I'm think you have got to be kidding me. So I pulled around to the window to write myself a check. The ladies informed me that someone hit a pole line and all the credit and atm machines were down in town and surrounding towns. Anyway we got the cash and I got the kids their happy meals. Then after eating in the car and breastfeeding the baby we were off again. I loaded everybody into the cart and headed towards the kids/baby department. I picked up the diapers and wipes and then I heard it. That noise that Claire makes. Its kind of like a gag cough. It came out of nowhere she wasn't coughing and she wasn't eating any kind of weird textured foods. I tried to calm her with your ok, its ok. It didn't work, once she makes that noise it's to late. I grabbed Adelyn's blanket to help contain it. It didn't work all that well. She got it all over her shirt, shorts and in her hair. Meanwhile the baby is crying at the top of her lungs and Lochlan is dancing around saying I have to go pee I have to go pee. I was about to give up right there and then. I ripped open the wipe box so I could clean her up a little. Then I picked out an outfit and I changed her right there. Did I mention that I don't do very well with puke. I'm trying to keep from puking as well. After we cleaned up I took Loch to the bathroom. I was going to leave and come back without the kids, but Claire was fine. So we pushed on and got the groceries. Then on the way home she pooped her pants and leaked out of her diaper. So those pants that I bought lasted about 45 minutes before they were stained with poop. We got home and I put Claire down for a late nap and sat down to feed the baby. I was exhausted!! Why am I staying up this late to write this, I don't know. Good Night!!!

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