Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Very Own Smash Book II

The first one I did went through my middle school years.  This book goes through my high school years.  The covers are 8.5x10 and in inner pages are 8x10.

 This book is packed full.  I kept a ton of stuff from those 4 years.  I used a K&Co. rubber band from the Smash Book line to keep it closed.

I'm in love with this camera stamp that I picked up at Michaels in the dollar bin.

Hahaha my smash board.
 A few pics of my skydiving trip for my 18th birthday....
Oooh to be young again!  Good thing I have a picture of it because I'll never see that body again lol!  (love the garbage cans in the background haha!)
 My beautiful mother and I on my graduation day.   I wish we lived closer together.  I miss you soooo much Mom!

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