Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kids Art Gallery

I wanted a place to display some of the larger art drawings and paintings from my kids. We have a bulletin board upstairs for the small art projects and papers from school but we needed more space. I loved this idea of taking your saved wine corks and using them for bulletin strips instead of boards. I just bought a 12' strip of wood and some masonry screws from Home Depot. I had them cut the strips into three 4' sections, which saved me time.

I predrilled some holes, put in the anchors and screwed up the strips. Then got my glue gun and started putting up the corks. It worked better than I thought it would.

I picked up the wooden sign from a yard sale and of course I forgot to take a before picture, oops. It was orginally black and said Baa Baa Black sheep with a wooden sheep and moon. I just simply pulled off the sheep and moon, painted and sanded it. I had a UL expression which fit perfectly, I guess it was meant to be, and just simply rubbed it on.

I pulled some drifted wood from my collection and added the word ART.

It was all pretty painless and I like how it turned out. The kids were so excited to see their art hanging up.

Thanks for Stoppin' by!!

1 comment:

  1. What an amazing idea. Its looks really amazing. I just love the big sign. Lee xx


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