Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pancakes Day 2 - 365 Project

Breakfast for dinner, gotta love it. The kids were going a little stir crazy today. We had pancakes, sausage and eggs for dinner and my kids loved it. Just after we sat down I think there was about two whole minutes of complete silence. My husband and I enjoyed every second of it. Its those little moments that make you happy and get you through a rough day. I don't know about dinner time at your house but often its not the most peaceful time at our house. Breakfast for dinner is definitely a crowd pleaser. My husband joked "lets have pancakes every night". Well off to watch a movie with my hubby and relax for a bit. Thanks for listening!

1 comment:

  1. Too cute...I agree on the moment of silence part...our house gets very hectic and my oh my sometimes I feel like I am going to lose it...But those lil moments are the ones we can finally take a breath...


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